Please review the FAQs prior to filing a support form. If you are unable to find your question answered here feel free to file a Support Form or message Lisa006 Baxton in world.

How to Unblock Objects

Firestorm Instructions
If you are unable to retrieve a menu from the rental box, security orb, or multi-scene changers AND you are wearing your group tag, then you most likely have blocked the object in your viewer. To unblock the object, go to the top bar menu in firestorm then COMM > BLOCK LIST

Refund Policy

All Payments are final. Refunds are not given for any reason.

To Remove, Clear, or List Partner/Guests

✔Click Rental Box

✔Click “Tenants”

✔Click “Remove Tenant” OR “Clear Tenants” OR “List Tenants”

How to check how many prims are being used

✔ Click Rental Box

✔ Click “Tenants”

✔ Click “Land Impact” or “Update Prims”

*note: Prim overages are returned with no WARNING! Main tenant is responsible for their partner and guest prim usage! ALL PRIMS WILL BE RETURNED!

How to Set Home

✔ Make sure you are wearing your Baxton Estates Group

✔ Stand in the yellow safety box close to the Rental Box

✔ Click “World” in the top menu of your VIEWER

✔ Click “Set Home Here”

*note: setting home outside the safety box can result in falling thru the air into somebody else’s rental. STAND IN THE SAFETY BOX!

To Return Prims to Yourself/Partner/Guests

✔ Click the Scene Changer

✔ Find the “PrimSweeper” Scene in the menu

✔ Click the Main in the middle of the Scene

✔ Click red pointers to return items to yourself or guest

*note: If prims belong to lisa006 baxton, file a support ticket to request clean-up

How to send Partner/Guests a group tag

Click the red rental box , Click “Tenants” > “Add Tenant”

How to send a group invite to yourself

Click the red rental box and click “Grp Invite” on the menu.